Bankruptcy Attorney in Evansville, IN

Bankruptcy Attorney in Evansville, IN

Let Ottilie Law, LLC Guide You Through Your Bankruptcy Options

The thought of filing for bankruptcy can be terrifying, but it may be your best solution. Take back control when creditors are at your door by calling Ottilie Law, LLC. Attorney Ottilie can advise on the best course of action. She will take account of your assets and finances to determine the best approach to filing for bankruptcy. Once you have committed to a plan of action, she will guide you through the filing process and make sure all required paperwork is handled appropriately.

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Make sure you understand the bankruptcy process before you file

Evansville, Indiana’s Ottilie Law, LLC can help you file for bankruptcy the right way. Attorney Ottilie will look over your finances and walk you through the bankruptcy options available, including:

Chapter 7
This form of bankruptcy is the easiest way to go if you have few or no assets. Any existing, nonexempt assets will be sold and the funds distributed to creditors. Chapter 7 will keep lenders from forcibly taking your paycheck, and it will wipe out your debts.

Chapter 13
If you file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you will have to create a payment plan to repay some of your debts. You can make payments over a three to five-year period and structure those payments according to your income.

Learn more about the bankruptcy options available to you. Reach out to Ottilie Law, LLC of Evansvill, IN today.